Heartland Floors provides new hardwood floor installation and hardwood flooring refinishing services in the Seattle - Bellevue, Washington area  

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"You did a beautiful job on the floors and also the cleaning was excellent. Thank you very much for the service."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful job on the floors. They look terrific. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Much appreciation.

heartland floors hardwood flooring services

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Heartland Floors offers quality wood floors which you can expect to be finished to the highest and most exacting standards.

Swedish Finish

heartland floors hardwood flooring servicesSWEDISH FINISH is our flagship and all other finishes are measured by how they compare to it. There is no reason to settle for less than the best. A two coat SWEDISH FINISH floor typically lasts four to seven years between refinishing and a three coat SWEDISH FINISH will just about double that. Why? Well, the 1st coat soaks in as it seals the wood so less finish remains on top with the 1st coat. Nearly the entire 2nd coat remains on top providing the protection the floor needs. All of a 3rd coat also remains on top. It almost doubles the thickness of the finish that remains on top. So it lasts about twice as long. It all depends on the amount of abrasion the floor sustains. If there are two identical two coat floors and one family removes their shoes at the doorway and the other doesn't - one will be sanding their floor in four to seven years and the other in about twenty years.

New Hardwood Floors

HEARTLAND FLOORS furnishes and installs a wide variety of wood floors using different wood species and we use both unfinished hardwood flooring and prefinished hardwood flooring depending on your individual needs and desires. There are some excellent prefinished products available in a variety of colors and wood species. The advantage of using a prefinished product is time savings; the work can be accomplished without the time spent sanding and finishing that we traditionally need for unfinished floors. The prefinished floors are usually not “square edged.” The edges have a slight “micro bevel” you can see in the final product. The “micro bevel” is used on prefinished flooring because the boards are not perfectly flat; they conform to the subfloor that they are installed on. One board will be just a little higher than another and if the edges are square it is more noticeable visually and you will also notice it more when you walk over the floor; you’ll feel the difference under your feet. On the other hand sanding an unfinished floor on site eliminates these issues. A site finished floor is sanded flat and visually there are no eased edges. Whether you select a site finished floor or a prefinished floor you have plenty of choices available to help you find what suits your needs.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We refinish all types of hardwood floors sanding them down to bare wood and starting over. If you have a “typical” hardwood floor that needs to be refinished or a “challenging” hardwood floor that REALLY needs help we can handle your needs. We have seen some very “challenging” hardwood floors that looked beautiful when we got done. Sometimes an old floor can look so distressed that carpeting looks like the only option but rarely is that true. Most hardwood floors are remarkably resilient to damage and they can typically be redone and made to look beautiful. Whether you have a whole house full of wood floors or just a couple of rooms let us take a look and give you a professional opinion. That way whatever you decide to do it will be based on reliable information.

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  • Unfinished and Pre-Finished Flooring
    red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, walnut, beech, ash, bamboo
  • Exotic Wood
    moabi, tiger wood, tamarindo, angelim, Santos mahogany
  • Laminates
  • Parquet
  • Engineered Flooring


  • Moldings
    baseboards, casing, nosing, reducers, quarter round, etc.
  • Solid Oak Stair Treads & Risers
  • Stains
  • Floor Cleaners
  • Matching Wood vents
  • Feature Strip
heartland floors hardwood flooring services
Shown here are examples of our custom floor inlays. Please contact us for estimates.
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